The Man Who Would Be King

Posted on 2022.10.20

Growing up in my family meant that I grew up in my father’s shadow. He created the company I now work in, he decided where we lived, where we vacationed, where we went to school, what roles we would have in the company. He decided it all. He would continue to decide until it was my turn to take over.

So I just kinda did my thing and followed along. No one ever asked me my opinion or for direction. It would always be to defer to what my father would want me to do. As I got a bit older, I realized that while this was the easy way out, it also meant that I didn’t really feel confident in myself. It showed too. I rarely went out because I didn’t know the right things to say or do. I kept to myself. Didn’t really put much thought or effort into how I lived and moved through the world.

I’d see other guys my age at events and parties and wonder how they always managed to just go out there and be out there. Enjoying themselves.

A few months went by and I got more frustrated with the lack of movement my life seemed to have. I decided to start taking better care of myself and hired a trainer, found a new barber (NOT my dad’s), and started to dress in clothes that I actually liked as opposed to just fitting in at the firm. My father’s assistant joked that I was going through some sort of quarter life crisis, but it didn’t feel like a crisis. It felt like things were falling into place.

Except when it came to dating. I had followed in my father’s footsteps so carefully that I acted like an old married man before even having a girlfriend. I had tried the apps, but I didn’t even know what to write. I really wanted to be able to figure out who I was and build my confidence.

I remember being out one night and seeing one of the most gorgeous women with a guy who looked like me and thinking, if he could, I could too.

The question was: where do you find a woman like that?

My research brought me to Cupid’s and as I scrolled through the Companion’s profiles, I realized that this was it: I was thinking that everyone was out there living my fantasy only to realize that they were living a fantasy as well.

Spending time with a beautiful woman and having a good time was possible. That they weren’t behind some glass wall that I couldn’t break. I could meet and enjoy their company and not have to worry about complications or miscommunication. With a Companion, I could express myself openly, and I’ve been extremely lucky in finding wonderful Companions who know exactly how to help me express myself. I’m learning that there is more to life than just living in someone else’s shadow.

Companions are wonderful women. Yes, they’re beautiful. But they’re smart, funny, and really know about the world. Because of what they do, they also really know about people. I’ve gotten amazing insights from Companions that I have taken back to me into my public life and suddenly, people think I’m this amazing guy who can read peoples’ minds. I have to laugh to myself because if they only knew how I know. I think they’d be surprised that a quiet nerdy guy like me can even get to spend time with a Companion, but that’s because they don’t get it; they don’t realize how spending time with a Companion is another facet of my life that makes it a little more three dimensional.

My father may run the show, but I run my life. When the day comes that he steps down and crowns me as the new king of the company, I’ll happily step into the role.

But for now, I’m going to really enjoy the perks of being the prince.


Photo by Pexels

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