The Return

Posted on 2022.06.13

When I stopped being a Companion a year ago, I really thought that I was done with that part of my life. I had been one for three years, had some amazing adventures, and a couple of experiences that would last me a lifetime. I had met a wonderful man who was not a Gentleman, but knew about my life. As we got more serious, I realized that I wanted to be with him and only him. I said goodbye to that part of my life and became a regular girl.

Well. It’s been a year and I miss her. The side of me that enjoyed being a Companion. I enjoyed the freedom it gave me. The opportunities and those adventures. I looked around at my life and thought, “it’s great. But…”

One night over dinner, my boyfriend asked me if I missed being a Companion. I tell you, this is why I love this man, because he really can read my mind. I didn’t lie, and I told him how it had crossed my mind. I asked him why HE asked because it was never a topic of conversation between us before. Get this: he found himself curious about Companions and wondered what it would be like to be with one, to which I replied, “technically speaking, you are with one. I think?”

This prompted us to have an open and honest discussion about who we were as people and who we were as a couple. We talked for hours and came to the realization that we would both benefit from a world where I was a Companion and to satisfy his curiosity, he would spend time with one who wasn’t me.

Now with every major decision in life, I have a rule to sleep on it and if I wake up feeling just as passionate about it the next morning, then I act on it.

The next morning I woke up and looked at my boyfriend and realized that it was time.

What is it that I get from being a Companion to other men that I don’t get from my boyfriend?

It’s hard to make it something simple in black and white terms; there are many more shades of grey involved for sure. Do I love him? Of course, but I love me more when I can be a Companion. So I sent some emails and will be returning to the schedule in a few weeks.

Before I went on my first date in a year, there was one thing left to do: book my boyfriend a date.

I thought about booking him with a different agency, but it felt weird to even think of someone who wasn’t a Cupid out on a date with my boyfriend. But it also felt weird for me to have him with someone I knew. Then we worked out a perfect solution: he would book with someone who was new that I didn’t know. Perfect! I spent the next few days making sure he was the perfect Client and found myself waiting for him to come home. Never did I worry about him being unfaithful or suddenly running off with a Companion and I know a lot of people wouldn’t agree to something like this, but if he was going to trust me, I knew that I would need to trust him. He came home, got ready for bed and snuggled up beside me and I found myself wanting to ask, but not wanting to know.

Again, he read my mind and told me that he had a great time, but that it wasn’t me. It was great, but it was different. I asked him if he liked “different” and after a pause, he said that he might, and should curiosity come up again, he’d ask me.

That’s where we are. His curiosity is satisfied and he now understands a part of me and my world more fully. I’m excited to return – some favourites have already pre-booked – and I’m curious to see what my future holds.

The thing I love most is that I get to have it all. I’m glad I left for a year though, because now I really know that I’m ready and excited to return.

See you soon.


Photo by Unsplash

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