Posted on 2022.03.27

I used to be a ballet dancer and still try to keep my form even though it’s been years since I’ve performed. The gym I go to has a barre and I use it to warm up and cool down. Because I’m a Companion, I do have irregular hours and the gym is open 24/7, so I can be there at 5 am or 3 pm. My workout times aren’t consistent, but the dedication to my body is.

One night I had an amazing date with a new Gentleman. We had only spent a few hours together but it was definitely the most fun I had that week and I was secretly hoping he’d schedule another date for us. A couple weeks go by and I’m at the gym for a quick 10 am session. The lead trainer walks by as I’m warming up to give orientation to new members.

The members are your usual bunch: new moms looking to snap back. Guys interested in crossfit. A couple of aspiring influencers who are scoping out spots to take selfies. All the people you’d expect to see at the gym and one I did not: the Gentleman.

Our eyes lock as he walks by with the tour group. Both of us seem equal parts delighted and scared. When you’re out in the world, you never acknowledge a Gentleman and vice versa.

We exist for each other in a different world from this one.

I started to run through my warm-up and I can feel eyes on me. As I lift my leg onto the barre, I rotate my body to see the Gentleman at the weight machine across the room. He’s working out with a trainer and he is in good form. But he is definitely watching me. I feel a familiar tingle that I haven’t felt since the last time I was on stage. It’s a feeling I’ve tried to capture elsewhere, even while being a Companion, but had never come close. He moves from machine to machine, following instructions, but rarely taking his eyes off of me at the barre. I can see him in the reflection of the mirror and I decide to give into the feeling.

I pull my body into various positions, stretching my limbs and twisting my body in ways I hadn’t in years. I found myself getting deeper into my own little performance and for a moment, I forgot he was even there. I opened my eyes and saw that others were paying attention, but when I looked in the reflection, I only saw his face.

His workout was getting more intense and the sweat was making a trail down his chest.
I lowered my body to the floor into a split, arching myself backwards as I pulled myself up again. I placed myself in first position and lifted my other leg onto the barre, extending my leg as far as it would go. Watching him and watching him watch me made this secret duet very exciting for me. I wanted to keep going, but I had other appointments that day.

Our not so private dance would have to end.

When I checked my messages later that day, I saw that he had scheduled a date with me for later that week. He told me later that my dancing was the only thing he had thought about for the rest of that day, which had made it very hard for him to concentrate on anything else.

I still bump into him sometimes at the gym. We say nothing, and just give a familiar nod to each other as all gym regulars do. Our workouts are just the warm-up.

When we see each other, that’s when the real dance begins.

Photo by Pexels

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