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Posted on 2022.04.10

One of my favourite dates is to pair up with a Companion for a couples’ night out. Although we’ll never admit it to a couple, we can usually tell which one made the call. I love it when the Lady has made the call. There is just something about her taking the lead that extends to the date and makes it that much more fun. You can also tell when the Gentleman knows she’s in charge and he loves it. He’s spotted out on the town with three vivacious women and he gets to be the centre of attention.

If you’re thinking of having a night to remember with two Companions, I offer the following bits of advice:

  1. Set realistic expectations. While we will always make sure you are both paid attention to equally, one will feel a little left out at times. Remember that you are connected to each other and that connection should be reinforced during our time together. We don’t go home with you, but you do go home with each other.
  2. Spend the day before and after with just each other. That’s another way to keep your connection going. Build up to our date with other couples’ activities. Lunch. A trip to the spa. A movie night.
  3. Don’t tie it to a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday. It makes sense that a Duo date is often booked for these occasions, but it’s more fun to make it an occasion on its own. My favourite couple book me and/or one of my favourite Duo partners as their monthly treat. It’s a date night. Our time together is a fun thing they enjoy. This way if someone comes away from the date feeling more emotional than they expected, it won’t be linked to a milestone.
  4. Book extra time with us. A Duo should never be rushed. You have two of us there for your enjoyment, why rush things?
  5. Don’t get carried away. We are your Companions. We love it. But we are not in your relationship. I’ve had couples spend time with me in a Duo as a way to see if it’s something they want permanently in their relationship and this is a good way to test that. You can learn boundaries and discover things about each other without adding stress. But my darlings, you don’t want to convert us. We are your fantasy – you can make a new reality for your relationship when our time together is over.
  6. Don’t surprise us. When you book a date with a Companion and want it to be a Duo, please don’t book a date with a different Companion and surprise us. It’s the quickest way to kill the vibe. If we say we are open to Duos we are. We just prefer to know in advance and know who the Companion is. You want to be ready for our date, and so do we. It’s the polite thing to do.
  7. Don’t surprise your partner. Whether you’re the Gentleman or the Lady, give your partner some notice. You’re in a different headspace when you add people to the equation and I find that dates go so much better when everyone is on the same wavelength.
  8. Let us have some girl’s time. Yes, that trip to the bathroom may take a little longer because I like to talk to the Lady to know a bit more about you and honestly, I always find that she’s more open about these delicate matters. She is the star of this fantasy and I want to make sure she knows that.
  9. Focus on the fun. Dinner taking too long to serve? Relax. Person was rude to you when you were standing in line? Let it go. Remind yourself that for tonight, the little inconveniences do not matter because you are in a rare position that many other people in the room would give their left hand for. Shrug off the little stresses and enjoy what’s in front of you.
  10. Expect to be nervous the first time… and the second. (and possibly the third). Like everything in life, you will be nervous and you may make a couple of mistakes the first time. That’s what we’re here for. My favourite couple tried Duos with other Companions, but found that me and one other really fit their vibe. So it’s just the four of us and it’s great.

When you’re ready, we’ll be here!

Photo by Pexels

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