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Posted on 2019.01.28

You’ve thought about it for some time now, and you’ve decided to take the plunge. You want to know what a day (or night) would be like with a Cupid’s Companion. You know the difference between a regular date and time spent with one of us. Contrary to popular belief, there are quite a few Companions who enjoy introducing new Clients to our world. Since you’re on the site, we hope that you’ve taken a moment to review our rules of etiquette. In addition to those basics, I wanted to spend a little more time making sure your first time is one worth remembering.

It’s been said many times, but it’s worth repeating: above all, our Clients are gentlemen.

They understand that it’s a privilege to be with a Cupid’s Companion and treat the moment and the lady with respect. When you call to book a date, a Representative will ask a series of screening questions to ensure you are indeed the right kind of gentleman for us and to confirm who you are. Please don’t be offended by these questions. Our number one priority is our safety and comfort and on this point, there is no compromise.

Once the details of your date have been confirmed, your Companion will meet you at the chosen location. If it’s your hotel or residence, please be clear about the directions. We don’t want to lose time getting lost.

A gentleman is prepared. If we’re going out to dinner, you definitely want to book a reservation in advance. It’s much easier to cancel a reservation in this city than it is to wait 45 minutes for a makeshift table at the end of the bar. The same goes for dates that involve specific events; have our tickets ready. Let us know if multiple locations are involved (for example: dinner and dancing). If you want to bring us to an event with friends or family, arrange for some time to have a few moments alone with you before we go. That way we can at least agree on the “how we met” story!

A gentleman knows the difference between a pleasant surprise and unforeseen circumstance.

If we’re booked to spend time with just you, please don’t spontaneously invite a partner or friend. Some of us do like to share your attention, but we make that clear in our profiles – you did read our profiles, right?. Oh, on that note, some of us are more than happy to spend time with you and another Companion; we just ask that she also be from Cupid’s.

A gentleman takes pride in his appearance. We are often asked how you should dress: wear what works for the date, as your Companion will definitely be dressed for the occasion. Are you and your Companion going hiking? Maybe you don’t want wear a suit. Headed to the opera?

I would suggest a classic tux or suit instead of neon tearaways. I mean, neon IS a look, but maybe not for a night at the opera. We want you to be comfortable and we always appreciate when you put effort into your appearance. Good grooming does not need to be expensive; it’s all in the details: clean and cut your nails, don’t go overboard with the cologne or hair products. Wear something clean. If you’re ever in doubt, shower fresh is the best approach.

A gentleman never negotiates. When we confirmed our date, a rate was set. When we arrive, please don’t try to negotiate for a different price, or a change in plans, or extra time.

A gentleman never pries. The names we give you are the only names you’ll need. Don’t ask to pick us up or drop us off at our homes, try to find out what we do when we’re not with you, and please, never ask to record a Companion or take our photo. We value your privacy and ask that you value our privacy too.

A gentleman doesn’t get messy. There’s no need to drink to excess or take mind altering substances. We want to make each encounter memorable and don’t want anything getting in the way of that. If a Companion feels that things are getting messy, we will end the date.

A gentleman says please and thank you. Manners don’t have to forgotten when we’re together. We take note of how you treat others in addition to how you treat us. The end of our date is just as important as the beginning.

It’s okay to be nervous and it’s okay to have questions. If you need advice, ask one of our Representatives when you book. Let us know that it’s your first time and we’ll happily provide you with suggestions and recommendations. We can’t wait to see you that first time and if all goes well, we’d be happy to see you again.

Photo by from Pexels

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