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Is there anything better than an Irish beauty with lovely locks of brown hair and piercing blue eyes?  Alice is everything you have ever wanted in a companion; she oozes sex appeal and has a young innocence that quickly disappears behind closed doors.  Cupid’s is proud to represent a young lady of her caliber at our agency.

Her favourites

For your
Irish Canadian
36DD - 25 - 36
5’7” & 128 lbs

Compliments to Alice

Alice is truly a goddess walking amongst us. Her beauty is timeless and her eyes hypnotic. She is a deep soul, her knowledge and intelligence are captivating, and her calm spirit is endearing. From a duo perspective, I can also say that Alice is fully engaged with partners of either sex. She does not merely go through the motions, or put on an act. She is incredibly responsive to and receptive of other women, and is very concerned with their pleasure. Alice is very in tune with her sexuality, and it is incredibly rewarding deferring to her and letting her work her magic. And she can work amazing magic!
Hello Bridgitte, Thank you for arranging for Alice to meet me yesterday. I was in my backyard getting everything ready for our pool date and suggested to her prior that she could just come on back upon her arrival. I heard her say Hello and when I looked up, the sight of Alice took my breath away. She is so naturally beautiful. Alice was the epitome of a girl friend for the short time we spent together and I really enjoyed her company. Alice is such a great conversationalist with so much knowledge. Of course her skills as a GFE were much appreciated as well. I definitely would recommend Alice to anyone looking to spend time with a lovely, sensual and witty young lady.
“I could flatter Alice to the end of time and still probably just scratch the surface of what makes her so special. Her eyes and smile are the stuff of legend, and her curves are poetry, but she’s also delightful to talk and laugh with. She left me basking in a most wonderful feeling that hours later still lingers and that I could only define as euphoria. From her beauty, to her poise and presence, to her tender touch, Alice is divine magic.”
Alice has the regal nature of a Roman empress and the impossible beauty of a goddess. To stare into her mesmerizing eyes is rewarding in its own right, but just as you lose yourself in her gaze she’ll pull you even deeper with her giving spirit. She's like a magical empath that can make you feel better about life by sharing her angelic warmth or with a flash of her devilish smile. I will not be able to resist seeing her again.
Alice and Annika just left...amazing...thank you!