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Two words to keep in mind when on a date with Demi: be unconventional. Life is definitely too short to do the same things over and over, so why not use your time with Demi to its fullest? Elevate the ordinary and treat life as the sumptuousness gift it is with this free spirited Companion by your side. With Demi, clients love the chance to build a genuine connection with a woman people only fantasize about. Discover everything you want and some of things you need when you book a date with Demi.

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Italian Canadian
Chin length dark brown
32C - 24 -34
5’4” & 108 lbs
Piercing Area
Ears, Belly, Nipples, Nose
For your

Compliments to Demi

A most wonderful date with Demi!! She's very bright, engaging, interesting, lively, pretty, and passionate. I quite enjoyed meeting her and regret not scheduling more time. My thanks again to her for her company and to you for your help.
Demi is that woman you always wanted to meet accidentally -- at a party, at a barbecue, at the bookstore in the literature aisle. She's that bewitching friend of a friend that you wish existed. Achingly beautiful, charming, and engaging, Demi knows how to read your energy... so she can supercharge it with her own. She is bold, communicative, genuine, and kind. She will also find all of your buttons and push every single one, until you require medical intervention to wipe the smile off your face.
Demi just left and I want to pass along my thoughts.   She is delightful and funny.  We spent most of our time laughing.  She's  a joy to be with.
Thank you so much for the recommendation, Rebecca! Demi was awesome.
Hi Bridgitte. I just want to thank you for recommending Demi for me tonight.  She has just left, and I have already started thinking about my next appointment with her again.  She was so lovely, nice, cute, and made me happy in all the way.  She stayed with me until the last minutes of the appointment that made me happy, too.  Please tell my gratitude to her, and I will be prebooking again.