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Hiatus Until Late April 2024

Tatiana’s most treasured possession is her passport. Whether it’s the food, the nightlife, or the special spots only the locals know, enjoying the delights a new country has to offer is one of Tatiana’s favourite things to experience. For Tatiana, discovering the extraordinary in life’s simple things brings her great joy. A Gentleman who gets to enjoy Tatiana’s company will learn right away what makes her extraordinary.

Her favourites

Eastern European
Long blonde
5’8” & 112 lbs
Piercing Area
For your

Compliments to Tatiana

Thank you to everyone at Cupid’s, I want to especially thank Bridgitte for organizing everything and making my night special. Parker and Tatiana were great and made my night magical. They both understood my health situation and were fantastic!
She is the most amazing person I have met. She is funny, intelligent and beautiful. Tatiana can have a great conversation on any topic. She has a good heart. Wish I had scheduled more time. She is a gem.
Hi Bridgitte, It was great meeting with Tatiana tonight! She is beautiful, delightful, full of energy and fun to spend time with! I'm already looking looking forward to my next visit to Toronto to spend time with her.
Thank you so much for everything. Tatiana was perfect. Very classy and professional, she was exactly what we hoped for. We look forward to using cupids services in the future.
Wow it was amazing! Tatania was just perfect and she is so interesting to share some time. Say thanks to her for me. Talk you soon :)
Hi Bridgitte Thank you for accommodating me last night on very short notice 😀 Tatiana was fantastic !! Cupids has been and continues to be first class!!
Thanks for arranging the time with Tatiana, she was perfect
Just wanted to let you know that Tatiana was over and above what I expected,very polite and respectful. I'll be contacting you again shortly
It was lovely meeting with Tatiana who is a sweet woman of experience and extremely insightful. The time spent with her was enlightening, sensual and intimate. You've found another gem!
Hi, just wanted to let you know that Tatiana was lovely and I had a great time with her, so thanks for being able to set that up last minute. Everything turned out well in the end!

Tatiana is absolutely gorgeous, sexy, sweet, and just the right amount of naughty. I'm already dreaming of next time.
Tatiana is a beautiful , sexy, warm, caring woman. Fabulous!
Tatiana was amazing. Thanks for getting that organized on short notice