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Do not go halfway when you’re on a date with Amelia. She sees and notices every detail, even if she doesn’t tell you. Some Clients find this a bit intimidating and others find it very alluring. On dates with Amelia, you want to entice her with the best of everything because once you have met her very exacting standards, she will basically unlock that special side of her that she reserves for the very best. Be creative, be adventurous, and most importantly, be on your absolute best behaviour. Now that we’ve given you these keys, the rest is up to you.

Her favourites

European Canadian
Dark brown
5’7” & 118 lbs
Piercing Area
Ears, Belly
For your

Compliments to Amelia

I have to say, I’m blown away like I’ve never been… ever.  This girl… wow.  Amelia is another level. I can’t even think straight.  Thank you x100.  I so look forward to seeing her and the rest of your girls in the months to come.
I cannot articulate how much I needed a connection and experience like this.

I just wrapped up my time with Amelia - she was incredibly warm, beautiful and thoughtful. I am very happy to have finally met her. Thank you for making this date happen!
Jillian I just had one of best evenings I ever had with one of your lovely ladies. Amelia is a beautiful and confident young lady who is a joy to spent time with. I will be sure to ask for her by name on my next trip to Toronto. Thank you
Kind, Compassionate, Intelligent, a great experience.
I had an amazing time with Amelia! She’s truly charming.
You guys really hit it out of the park with Amelia. Her looks, personality, and ease to talk to is top notch. Definitely the best I’ve met and will keep me wondering when I’ll be back in Toronto.
Amelia was such a great date! Confident and funny with a smile that makes your heart skip a beat. Please let her know how much fun I had spending the evening together.
Attractive, affectionate - overall wonderful experience
Amelia is cute and charming and easy to connect with. I enjoyed my evening with her and look forward to our next one!
She’s amazing…. Very down to earth and sweet. I will definitely be repeating with her soon.