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As a gifted conversationalist, April will keep you mentally stimulated during every encounter. This Brazilian beauty captivates all her Clients with her mind first. Warm and nurturing, April is a favourite of those seeking the full girlfriend experience or even just a challenging game of Scrabble.

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Brazilian Canadian
34C - 24 - 35
5’9” & 124 lbs

Compliments to April

My short time with April would be difficult to put into words and I know full well I will not do it justice. I admit my experience in the industry is very limited but I still believe my time with April is a very very rare occurrence. I have never expected such a memorable few minutes with a provider or anyone else for that matter. I owe her a big thank you because I’m no longer willing to settle for anything less then true passion, and chemistry. She has changed my priorities, and inspired me to believe it is attainable. April is genuine, passionate, emotional, and full of fire. Her deep dark eyes take you on a journey through her soul, her smile warms you up. She is right there with you. Very intelligent and instinctive. She touches you with her entire being and holds nothing back. She is more real, raw, and transparent then many people I have ever met. It is inspiring, and refreshing to spend time with her. April is a walking proof and a reminder of everything we can’t see or touch yet these are the meaning of life. The electric, the energy, force of life, the butterflies... Her path is clear, and I know her journey will be phenomenal. I wish her the stars and I know she will reach them. 
Hi, Wanted to let you know I just had an amazing visit with April. She is as beautiful, charming and seductive as others have said. I’m really looking forward to my next trip to TO so I can spend more time with her. Thanks Cupid’s Escorts for facilitating such a wonderful encounter. Cheers,
Just thought I would take the time to provide feedback on April. I had an amazing time with her, so much so that I wanted to take a moment to share that with you. I've met few people who could hold a conversation so well in addition to being exceptional at intimacy. She is a gem, and I thank you and the agency for having such a high quality addition to your group.
April was amazing. Very engaging intelligent and funny. Great conversation.  As gorgeous as her body is her face is even more striking.  I can't wait to come back to Toronto!   Truly a very memorable time.   Texas
Just to let you know April is an awesome young lady! Thanks
A big thank you to Bridgitte for recommending I see April. a beautiful, tall and sexy young woman walked through my door,  well not literally of course as that would have changed the evening drastically. however, she was an absolute pleasure to meet. She has a playful sense of humour and the time flew by. Thanks again Bridgitte and all the staff at Cupids for always coming through.
Thanks. April was lovely.
April was something to ingest her beauty from the time she arrived and only got better She was fantastic to converse with because of her intelligence CUPIDS phone staff were professional and quick with any question I had to arrange my meeting with everything taken care of with not a hitch so thanks to them I will definitely use CUPIDS the next time I'm looking for some upscale company to share time with
I had a wonderful experience with April tonight. She was beautiful, intelligent, charming, we connected on many levels, and her warm personality made me feel comfortable throughout.
Wanted to leave a quick note on my evening with April. She's a charming, fun, beautiful woman. From the moment we met, I knew she was special. My only regret is booking so little time.