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No Prebooking Available, Please Contact for Availability/Appointments When She Is On Schedule Online

Mia’s jaw dropping looks are proof that femme fatales exist in real life. A perfect date is as good as the right woman to be with and for Mia, the right Gentleman is the kind who loves to know the woman inside, who loves to laugh, and enjoys doing whatever comes to mind. We suggest that you ask her to say “yes”: to dinner, to go on an adventure, or to try new and different foods. If you’re looking to see what other fantasies can exist in real life, ask Mia to show them to you.

Her favourites

Long brown
5’6” & 108 lbs
Piercing Area
Ears, Nipples
For your

Compliments to Mia

Thank you so much for setting up my date with Mia this evening! Mia is such a wonderful, enchanting companion. Very charming, funny, stylish and very bewitching.   She does not disappoint.  Every moment with her feels like magic. I’ve been chasing the high of seeing Mia for the first time, several months ago, and while all Cupid girls I’ve seen have been great (Beatrice and Valery are notable standouts),  Mia stands far and above the others — the best of the best from the already fantastic group of girls you have there.
Thank you for setting up the date with Mia, she is an amazing young lady in every way! I had an amazing time.
Mia is such a pleasure to be around. She makes you feel comfortable and is very easy to talk to. Every time I have seen her so far, I wish that I would have booked a little longer. I cannot wait to see her again!
Mia is one of the greatest girls I have ever been with. She is very cute and she made sure that I'm happy every single minute! 10 out of 10! Can't wait to see her again!
Just wanted to thank you for setting up my date with Mia last night. She's very lovely and a breath of fresh air. Another great addition to the Cupids family. I had an absolute blast with her.
My time with Mia was incredible. I am still catching my breath after being together, and I definitely plan to see her again the next time I am in Toronto.
I would like to thank you for the memorable session with Mia. This is the level of service that Cupid is known for. I would like to show my appreciation to not just Mia, but to the whole team from the driver, coordinator, Bridgitte and Jillian as well. I wish you all and your families a wonderful weekend ahead. Cheers.
It's been days since I've seen Mia and I'm still smiling after spending time with a fun and attractive young lady.
Mia is young, beautiful and a very engaging young lady and I had a great time with her. I cannot wait to see her again.
I wanted to let you know what an absolute pleasure it was to meet Mia. She's a lovely young woman, so easy to spend time with and I had a wonderful time.
One of the best from start to finish. Classic cupids experience. Thanks again!
Mia is smart, funny, and takes the whole cupids experience to a whole new level. If you want someone who is patient, understanding and an absolute blast to get along with, then Mia is the one for you. A perfect addition to the cupids roster
Just wanted to say I really enjoyed my time with Mia, she was a lovely date. Witty, caring and most of all beautiful. I am looking forward to another visit with her!
Bridgitte, Thanks for arranging everything this evening. Mia is a lovely young lady. She's intelligent, funny and beautiful. I wish we could have had more time together!