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Tatum is a thoughtful and curious woman who enjoys sharing stories and absorbing other people’s energies; a date full of conversation and discovery is just one of her favorite ways to spend time with a Client. Tatum has a delightful and positive nature, and is gifted with a lovely sense of humor. That sense of humour allows you to relax and just be yourself when you’re with her. Tatum is the kind of Companion you can bring to a formal dinner, a family event, or take away on the tropical vacation of your dreams.

Her favourites

Western European Canadian
Long blonde
5’2” & 125 lbs
Piercing Area
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Compliments to Tatum

Thanks so much for making my time with Tatum happen! Last night was the 3rd time I've seen her. What an incredible young woman.  Aside from being stunning,  she is intelligent, engaging and her attitude is super sexy. I've been a client with Cupid's for over 10 years, & I hate to say it, but she's my favorite!! Please pass on my thanks
Tatum is a gorgeous blonde, very attractive, warm and friendly. She is a epitome of sensual reverie replete with friendly talk and intimacy. Her company is delightful and heart warming. I look forward to meeting her again.
I just want to say that Tatum, was a pleasure to spend time with. She is sexy, she is awesome to speak with and has a glowing personality. She definitely brightened up my day and my week.
Thanks for the suggestion of seeing Tatum last night Melissa, she was absolutely fantastic and a perfect fit for me.
I just met Tatum and wanted to say that she is super friendly and you can talk to her for hours without getting tired. She also looks stunning and have the nicest eyes. Honestly cannot wait to see her again. Also at the end of the year wanted to thank Cupid. I’ve always had a very good experience. Thanks a lot, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year😊
She really captures the girlfriend experience that Cupid's champions. I enjoyed her company so much that I chose to see her a second night. I look forward to potentially seeing her in the new year. Thanks to Cupid's for providing exceptional experiences over the years!
Thank you. The chemistry between Sienna and Tatum was out of the ordinary. We spent a fantastic evening.
Regarding Tatum….wow. I’m speechless. She is initially shy but quickly opens up. Very adventurous, smart and caring. When she left with that great smile, I found myself pacing and forgetting what I'm supposed to do. She left that kind of impression.
Tatum was great, can't wait to see her again tomorrow!