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This very petite lady loves fine lingerie, adventurous outings, and destinations with beaches. The twinkle in Camila’s brown eyes is just a hint of how charming and mischievous she can be. An encounter with Camila is to meet a Companion who prides herself on exceeding all expectations.

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Long light brown
Light brown
5’1” & 94 lbs

Compliments to Camila

Camila is such a beautiful soul! Had a great time with her. She’s incredibly easygoing and fun to talk to. Thank you!
I just wanted to ensure Camila knows how amazing, intelligent and charismatic she is. She absolutely blew away my expectations with ease. I only wish I had more time with her to converse and explore each other. She is incredible and made my night one to never forget. Thanks for everything cupid.
OMG. Camila is just the best. I love everything about her. So positive so fun. So sexy. Please tell she is wonderful, that I love everything about her. That I am deeply grateful to get to know her. And I wanted to play and talk for hours more. Definitely I will see her again. Tell her that. She deserves to know how big an impression she’s made on my life. What a wonderful woman!!! Thanks to Melissa and Bridgitte. Bridgitte, I feel truly lucky that you suggested her. And surprised how quickly I have come to feel so...comfortable with her.
Hi Bridgitte, Wow. You thought we might get along. We did! Camila was perfect. And perfect for me. What a delightful woman. Oh, and a delightful person also. So many things about her! Her fragrance, her laugh, her look, her playfulness, her taste, her touch. So positive, so sweet, so damn sexy. Let us say that everything I did for her turned me on, and everything she did for me also turned me on. That Norah Jones song. "Like a flower waiting to bloom..." So many things. Her eyes, her hands, this curve, that valley, the hair, the color of the skirt, her eyebrows, her soft lips, her brain, her mind, her soul, her heart. I often could not decide what I wanted to do more, play or just talk. I felt, honestly, graced by her. I felt like a lucky man. Oh, I cannot write well enough. I like that woman. Please tell her I think she is a wonderful woman. Please tell her I am deeply grateful for everything. And thanks again to you. And to Faith and Melissa.
Camila just left. Wow! What an impressive young woman. Please thank her again for me. Not only is she beautiful, but she is also a great conversationalist that made me feel so special by making me the focus of her attention creating a most memorable evening.
My time with Camila this evening was wonderful. She is a lively, kind, thoughtful and endearing young lady, and a great listener. It adds to the package that she is drop dead gorgeous. She is also wise beyond her years. I am already missing her. Bridgitte and Faith thank you for arranging a memorable evening for me. You guys are the best!
Dear Team I just wanted to convey thanks for arranging my dinner with Camila. I will never forget time spent with her. She is amazing. Could you pass her my warmest regards. Thank you.
Camilla is a petite bundle of energy, fully engaging and extremely attractive. Time absolutely flew by. Thank you so much for introducing me to her!